Improving careers provision in schools – what, why and how?

Careers awareness is an essential part of a young person’s education, yet a recent report has found that more needs to be done by the Government to improve their careers strategy and provision.

This warning comes after the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants said that eight out of ten British school leavers “lacked essential business skills”.

Businesses are already reporting skills shortages, making it even more crucial for young people to have the necessary skills and abilities needed for their future careers.  

In order to close the country’s skills gap in STEM careers, more needs to be done to ensure all young people across the UK receive the best careers education possible.

What can my school do?

The InGenious Project has proven that embedding careers-related information into lessons enthuses and inspires young people and provides enrichment for teachers.

Contextualising learning helps pupils to see how their learning can lead to a successful career. Our STEM careers toolkit can help you to embed careers awareness and guidance into the classroom. With a range of good practice tips, examples and links to key sources of information, this free to download toolkit is a good starting point for those looking to bring careers education into the classroom.

Ben Ainslie has recently launched a new digital education programme, BT STEM Crew, which aims to use real life sport and technology to explain everyday science and mathematics problems. As part of this, they have created a range of free, interactive resources.

If you are a secondary teacher and would like a more hands-on approach to careers education, why not apply to experience them for yourself? Our STEM Insight programme offers you the opportunity to experience STEM-related work in industrial or university settings.

With a range of well-known organisations to choose from, and generous financial support available, STEM Insight allows you to learn more about the diverse career paths available for students.

STEM Ambassadors could also be able to assist you with bringing careers education into the classroom. STEM Ambassadors come from a range of different backgrounds and industries, helping to support you in raising young people’s awareness of career opportunities.

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