Hands-on STEM projects increase GCSE science results

This week, the British Science Association (BSA) have published a report revealing that GCSE students achieve half a grade higher on their best science result when they have taken a CREST Silver Award.

CREST Awards are hands-on, practical projects that can be undertaken by 11-19 year olds. These allow students to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects in the real world. 

There are four levels of CREST Awards: Discovery, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level requires an increased amount of student and teacher time.

The report suggests that hands-on activities can have an effect on student attainment and subject choice. It was revealed that students who undertake a CREST Silver Award are 21% more likely to take a STEM subject at AS level.

This research is the first independent review of its kind. The authors of the report have made recommendations for further work, including researching the impact of the other Awards on attainment of STEM subjects. 


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