Five brand new BBC Terrific Scientific investigations for your primary school

Take part in the BBC’s Terrific Scientific campaign this year and inspire your pupils to become the next generation of scientists! Join over 5,000 schools taking part in investigations.

Terrific Scientific aims to inspire a love of STEM subjects in primary children aged 9-11 with a series of classroom-based investigations, online resources, live internet lessons and classroom support for their teachers.

There are free resources, lesson plans, classroom investigations and an online map to share your results with other schools around the UK.

Want to get involved? You can register here. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

2017/18 timetable:

Aug-Oct 2017 - Exercise (the human body). How does exercise affect the brain?

Nov-Dec 2017 - Feet (evolution and inheritance). How does foot flexibility vary based on environment?

Jan-Feb 2018 - Power (electricity). How much power does your school consume?

Mar-Apr 2018 - Grow (living things). What are the perfect growing conditions for spring onions?

May-July 2018 - Question (scientific enquiry). Revisit an earlier investigation in order to explore pupil’s questions.

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