Enthuse, engage and empower: STEM Clubs impact report published

 making an impact

STEM Clubs are out of timetable sessions that give school and college students the chance to explore aspects of STEM subjects in more informal settings, allowing them to experiment, ask questions and tackle challenges that interest them.

To help you get the most out of your STEM Club, STEM Learning offers guidance on setting up clubs, ideas for activities and ongoing support for leaders.

This new report - STEM Clubs: making an impact - shares four key lessons that have emerged from evaluation of STEM Club activity so far. This demonstrates the impact that clubs have on teachers, other club leaders, schools and young people.

Our research has shown:

  • thriving STEM Clubs inspire and enthuse young people about STEM subjects.
  • taking an active part in a school STEM Club can motivate young people to consider STEM subjects for further study and as a potential career path.
  • the STEM Clubs programme empowers the whole school or college and provides valuable curriculum enrichment and enhancement support.
  • teachers that run successful STEM Clubs see a positive impact on their own teaching and a renewed sense of enjoyment for STEM.

Our research also shows that being actively involved in a STEM Club can have a real impact on a young person’s interest and engagement in studying STEM subjects at school and beyond.

We have used examples of inspiring and exciting practice from around the country to illustrate how STEM Clubs can encourage employers and individuals to get involved in supporting such activity in local schools and colleges.

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