Encouraging active learning in secondary mathematics

The National STEM Learning Network is pleased to announce a new hands-on residential CPD activity exploring manipulatives and how they can be used to enhance understanding in secondary mathematics.

During the course, you will discover ways to encourage active learning in mathematics through the use of manipulatives such as counters, interlocking cubes, Cuisenaire rods, tiles, dice, dominoes and more.

Investigate how concrete-pictorial-abstract methods can be used to benefit mathematical understanding, and help student problem solving and reasoning.

Suitable for teachers of mathematics in secondary schools, this CPD includes hands-on sessions exploring how a variety of mathematics equipment can be incorporated into lessons and linked to resources found on our online resource collection.

Bursary support is available, so why not dust off the manipulatives in your department’s store cupboard and join us at the National STEM Learning Centre in York to find out more?

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