Darwin Plus: environment funding scheme for UK Overseas Territories

The Darwin Initiative, a UK Government grant scheme, helps to protect biodiversity and the natural environment in developing countries and UK Overseas Territories (OTs).

The scheme’s Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund (also known as Darwin Plus) supports the delivery of long-term strategic outcomes for the natural environment in the UK’s OTs.

Darwin Plus offers funding for:

  • environmental projects in UKOTs
  • fellowships for UKOT Nationals to train in the UK

Grants are for projects involving environmental or climate change issues. Funding is open to any organisation as long as the proposed project will benefit one or more of the 14 UKOTS.

The scheme is looking for ambitious and exciting project proposals and applicants can include OT governments, non-governmental organisations, research institutions, the private sector and other stakeholders.

Organisations can also apply for Darwin Plus Fellowships. Applicants are usually be UK-based and the proposed Fellow must be an OT national who has worked or is working on environmental issues in the UK OTs.

Applications for the Darwin Plus project or Darwin Plus Fellowship close on Tuesday 10 October 2017.



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