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Dare to be Different

Published: Apr 26, 2017 1 min read

Demi Cornell

STEM Ambassador Coordinator

National STEM Learning Centre

Dare to be Different

STEM Ambassadors are supporting a women in STEM event, Dare To Be Different, which is taking place on the 26th April from 0900-1500 at Daytona Park, Surrey.


Dare To Be Different (D2BD) is a high-profile initiative that has been launched by recently-retired F1 driver Susie Wolff and The Motor Sports Association. D2BD aims to inspire, connect and celebrate women who work in every aspect of motor sport and engineering, particularly focusing on the next generation of female talent. D2BD are working with female STEM Ambassadors at one of their five headline events for young girls (aged 8 -14) taking place at Daytona Sandown Park, Surrey.


The event will allow the girls to have some fun at a karting track and hear about the various STEM career options, both on and off the track, in motorsport and engineering. STEM Ambassadors will also be helping groups of girls in an interactive activity building a hover-board that will inspire them in STEM.


Dr Ajay Sharman is supporting the event.



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