Core Maths resources find new home

Following the closure of the Core Maths Support Programme in July 2017, STEM Learning is pleased to announce that we will continue to host the complete collection of materials produced by the Core Maths Support Programme.

Teaching resources, case studies, videos and other support for Core Maths can now be found at

The Core Maths qualification will continue to exist, as part of the Government’s plan to increase participation and raise standards in mathematics education for post-16 students. By 2020, the aim is for the majority of all students in post-16 education to continue to study some form of mathematics: either GCSE, A level or the Core Maths qualifications.

Core Maths is the name given to a suite of level 3 mathematics qualifications for students who have passed GCSE Mathematics at grade 4 or above, but are not taking A level mathematics. The qualification requires students to do meaningful mathematics in real-life contexts, ensuring they are equipped for the mathematical demands of other post-16 courses, higher education and employment.

The Core Maths Support Programme encouraged and engaged young people with mathematics, and STEM Learning will ensure that the materials will continue to be available from the STEM Learning website.

Whether you are a student, parent or carer, teacher, employer or university, our site contains all the information you need about the Core Maths qualifications.


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