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Exploring coral reefs

To inspire a love for science and biology, Coral Live is bringing the wonders of corals to students between 29 October - 9 November across the UK through a series of unique live broadcasts for ages 7 to 16 streaming from the Caribbean.

Coral Live is a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in science as they explore this fascinating marine topic. Covering less than 1 percent of the marine environment, coral reefs are home to 25 percent of marine species and important nursery habitats to edible fish. However human activity and climate change are putting the corals at risk and impacting the estimated one billion people who depend on food from the reef.

Working with leading coral experts, Digital Explorer’s Coral Live education team will introduce students to these fragile ecosystems, the impact of human activity and the latest science designed to preserve and restore the world’s second most biodiverse habitat after the rainforest.

Based at the Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity (CARMABI), Digital Explorer’s field education team will be live-linking daily broadcasts designed to help teachers bring learning to life in the classroom. Over five days, the Coral Live field education team will explore coral creatures, coral ecosystems, impacts of climate change, corals of the deep ocean and coral adaptation.  The topics are animated through a series of broadcasts including live investigations, Q&As with coral experts and  Ask-Me-Anything sessions

To participate, teachers simply need to register via Digital Explorer’s online booking form available on its website. Teachers can download free lessons resources, activities and teacher guidance. Teachers are encouraged to submit their class questions in advance so that the field team can answer specific questions and do personalised shout-outs for the students.

Written by

Irina Prentice, Digital Explorer 


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