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Business breakfast event: supporting STEM education

Published: May 19, 2020 3 min read

STEM learning

How can we help address the attainment gap that is widening during the COVID-19 crisis? This was one of the key questions asked at STEM Learning’s first virtual business breakfast last month, and now forms the basis of the next one on 2 June. 

Participants at STEM Learning's virtual business breakfast April 2020

April’s event saw a panel made up of representatives from STEM Learning and Jacobs joined by over 70 colleagues from businesses across the country, keen to share their experiences, learn from each other, look at ways we can work together in this’ new normal’ and suggest ideas for June's event, which you can register for here

Benefits of investing in STEM

Discussion focused on how to continue to support STEM education for young people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tricia Stephenson of Jacobs explained that the company’s STEM Ambassador programme improved employees’ skills and motivation, as well as enabling Jacobs to meet and inspire potential employees currently in education.

She added that initiatives like ENTHUSE Partnerships allow for investment and impact over a longer period of time, recognising the ‘multiplier effect’ of supporting teachers who then reach hundreds of pupils and students. She also highlighted the appeal of ENTHUSE Partnerships reaching the schools where support is most needed.

Online support

From STEM Learning, Steph White explained how STEM Ambassador activity is being brought online, and explained the comprehensive safeguarding procedures in place. Meanwhile, Gemma Taylor talked about the range of support that STEM Learning now offers to teachers, students and families.

In all discussions it was clear there is a collective passion from business to continue to support our young people and those who educate them in whatever way they can. The swift response that we have all made to adapt the ways in which we engage with both young people and teachers will help not just in the here and now but equally it will help to ensure that we have a pool of talent to take up future STEM roles.

We are proud that our collaborations and the support businesses give are directly helping tens of thousands of young people to continue with their science, technology, engineering, maths and computing education.

The next business breakfast is entitled: Supporting schools to address the increasing disadvantage gap. Please register to book your place on Tuesday 2 June from 9 to 10.30am.