BP investigate the STEM skills gap with a new research and development project

BP have partnered with the Science Museum and King’s College London in a five year research and development project called Enterprising Science. Enterprising Science researched why there is a skills gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and what can be done to close it. The research coined a new term: science capital. Science capital can be determined by an individual’s science-related qualifications, their understanding of science and knowing someone who works in a science-related job. Research has found that the more science capital a young person has, the more likely they are to study science post-16.

In order to engage more young people with science, Enterprising Science aims to:

  • increase understanding about the factors that influence science engagement and participation
  • help teachers to build students’ science capital
  • develop new approaches for engaging students from all backgrounds with science, particularly focusing on those from disadvantaged schools and communities

Find out more about Enterprising Science and how you can get involved.

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