Are you a post-16 or FE professional? We need your help

STEM Learning are looking to gather more information about those working in post-16 or further education.

We know that every educator is unique - that primary newly qualified teachers need very different information from a technician working in a college.

We're looking to find out a bit more about post-16 and further education professionals, and what we can do to give you the information you need in the best way for you to access it.

We've put together a short survey, which should take no more than five minutes to complete.

With questions on your role, interests and what type of communication works best for you, this survey will help to shape the way that STEM Learning interacts with people working in post-16 and further education. Your views are incredibly important to us - and all responses will be completely anonymous.

So tell us what you'd like to hear about and how - and share the survey with any colleagues you think would be interested.

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