Antibiotics Unearthed: what could you discover?

The Microbiology Society has announced it will continue its public engagement venture, Antibiotics Unearthed, into 2017.

Antibiotics Unearthed gives the general public, students and educators in the UK and Ireland the opportunity to work with scientists as part of a global initiative to discover new antibiotics from soil bacteria.

The Small World Initiative, the inspiration behind the Microbiology Society’s project, is an innovative and authentic research project, which uses crowdsourcing to discover new antibiotics from soil bacteria. It is now running in higher education institutions across the US. It is hoped that exposing their undergraduates to research experiences will inspire them to major in a science-based degree.

The Microbiology Society is taking the project further by involving school pupils and the general public. Undergraduate and school students will analyse their samples for antibacterial compounds and investigate any potential compounds that are found.

A series of pop-up events will also be taking place at locations across the UK, giving the public the opportunity to submit their soil samples, which they can then make observations and track online through the analysis process.

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