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100% discount code for high-quality professional development

Published: Nov 23, 2016 3 min read

STEM learning

100% discount code for high-quality professional development

We have an exclusive offer for all teachers and technicians at state-funded schools.

Get a 100% discount* off the course fee on the below CPD activities. Enjoy our high-quality CPD that is tailored to each STEM subject, take a look at which activities are eligible for the discount and get booking!

Primary CPD

We’ve handpicked the following CPD that is dedicated to helping primary teachers develop their teaching of STEM subjects. To get 100% off the course fee for the following primary CPD activities, use discount code PRI100VAT when booking.

Using film technology to support primary literacy

Learn how to enhance your literacy lessons by incorporating film technology and skills in to your classroom. From film analysis to shot direction, our specialists will guide you through film techniques and show you how they can be used in your literacy lessons.

New to leading primary science

If you’re new to the role of science subject leader, this CPD will be invaluable to you. Discover how to embed the science curriculum across your school, lead an effective team and get ensure good pupil progress.

Assessment in primary computing

Understand how to secure positive assessment practices in the computing curriculum. Explore theories and methodologies, and determine how to make judgements on progress.

Extending thinking and talking in primary science

Encourage deeper thinking and more discussion in your science lessons, and learn how to successfully engage and motivate your pupils.

Secondary and post-16 CPD

Take a look at our subject-specific CPD that will support your teaching and ensure better engagement and attainment by students. To get 100% off the course fee for the following secondary and post-16 CPD activities, use discount code SEC100VAT when booking.

Technicians: making the most of data logging

Dust off your data loggers and learn how to make them an effective part of your department. Discover practicals that use various data logging and visual equipment relevant for the three strands of science.

Mathematics for A level computer science

It’s not easy to teach a subject that isn’t your specialism. Learn everything you need to be able to teach mathematics topics within A level computer science with confidence.

New and aspiring heads of computing

Good subject leadership has a positive impact on the quality of computing teaching. Reflect and enhance your leadership skills to encompass teaching and learning, assessment, curriculum provision, and strategic leadership is management.

New and aspiring leaders of mathematics

If you’re looking to become or have recently been appointed as a head of mathematics, this CPD will provide you with the skills you need to run a successful department that achieves results.

Using iPads and other tablet devices in the classroom

A beginner’s guide to using tablet devices, you’ll explore the range of uses for mobile technology in the classroom. With clear demonstrations and hands-on activities, you’ll learn everything from apps to data collection and analysis.

This 100% discount is available for a limited time, so book your CPD now! 

*This offer is solely for the CPD activities specified and supersedes any previous fees and bursaries stated online or in publications.​ When booking onto this CPD you are agreeing to adhere to our terms and conditions. The discount is to be used solely for the course fee. If the ENTHUSE Award bursary amounts to more than the course fee, your school will receive a reduced bursary. If you fail to attend this CPD then you will be charged the full fee.

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