The ‘M’ in STEM

Our mathematics specialist Michael Anderson is waving the flag for the ‘M’ (mathematics) in STEM. In his latest article which featured in SecEd, Michael discusses the role of mathematics in STEM and the significant overlaps there are between the STEM subjects. He talks about what this means for schools and the renewed importance of cross-curricula learning for students. Here’s a snippet of his article:

Mathematical skills are key to excelling in every STEM subject, but mathematics teachers sometimes don’t identify as teaching a STEM subject. Why?

During my teaching career I can think of no time, hand on heart, where I have thought of myself as a STEM teacher.

I’m a maths teacher – and unless you count the two-week primary placement during my teacher training – I’m a secondary maths teacher at that. Ask some of my maths teacher colleagues, and they will go further: “I only teach key stage 4 maths,” or “Me? I’m actually a statistician/a ‘pure’ maths teacher/a mechanics specialist.”

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