National STEM Club

The national STEM Club provides an opportunity for young people, families and schools to take part in club sessions provided by STEM Learning. Schools and families can engage in practical and hands-on STEM activities that support curricular learning within a club style environment. Boosting understanding and knowledge of STEM topics. 

girl watching online club tutorial at homeClub sessions

Club sessions will be delivered by a variety of STEM Ambassadors, partner organisations, schools, teachers, technicians and students. Aimed at different age groups and abilities. The sessions will be pre-recorded, with subject experts and club leaders on hand during the sessions to answer questions in the YouTube chat. Join our YouTube community and watch previous sessions:


National STEM Club - primary sessions on YouTube

National STEM Club - secondary sessions on YouTube

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Sessions will occur every three weeks during term time on Wednesdays starting at 16:30. Lasting 30 to 60 minutes in length.
The next National STEM Club session will be held on: 

Activity guides to support sessions

These activity guides can be used to support the sessions on YouTube. The activities can be carried out in the classroom, at home, in labs and even outside – in short, any setting, with little to no equipment needed.

Aiming to challenge students and provide content that will stretch capabilities, providing a wide and diverse collection. All club sessions will be supported by an activity guide (free to download) which outlines the basics of the activity, the materials needed, with links to the originating organisation.

Download the activity guides:

Download the STEM Clubs Week 2021 activity guide

Download session 6 activity guide (24 Mar)

Download session 5 activity guide (24 Feb)

Download session 4 activity guide (10 Feb)

Download session 3 activity guide (13 Jan)

Download holiday activity guide

Download session 2 activity guide

Download session 1 activity guide


Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering to present an activity:

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