Welcome to the Mission X 2020: Walk to the Moon Challenge.

Kick-off your mission with a special message from ESA astronaut, Luca Parmitano!


Mission X teams across the globe have been working hard to continue completing missions throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, enough points have been submitted that our mascots Luna and Leo have already reached the Moon! Thank you to everybody who has taken part so far, we hope that you have enjoyed completing the Mission X activities. In total Luna and Leo have walked 384,400km!

As we have extended the Mission X 2020 Walk to the Moon challenge deadline until the 4th of September the online points calculator has been reset to zero to allow teams to continue to submit activities and earn points. Let's see if we can Luna and Leo to the Moon AGAIN!

Kilometers walked:16,204 km Kilometers to go:368,196 km

Points Calculator

Country Activities completedsort descending
Kýpros 1
Mexico 1
United States of America 1,001
Portugal  1,108
Ελλάδα 1,200
United Kingdom 2,860
Hrvatska 4
Namibia 4
Nederland  8
日本 10
Polska  11
Deutschland  13
Bălgarija 20
België 22
România 39
Österreich 46
Lëtzebuerg 61
Србија 74
ایران 81
भारत 82
Lietuva 85
Francë  103
Norge 110
Sverige  120
Česká republika 157
España  200
Danmark  212
الإمارات العربية المتحدة 253
Canada 450
مصر 468

Mission X celebrates its tenth anniversary!