How to succeed as a non-specialist teacher of mathematics

It may seem a little strange to some people, but as a head of a large mathematics department, I actually looked forward to that time of the year when the timetable had to be constructed.It was like a giant Sudoku puzzle that would takes days, even weeks, to solve. It was a long, tricky process, but I loved it when eventually it all pulled...


Teaching primary science with ENTHUSEiasm

Lorna Brown, a Year 6 teacher at Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School, explains the impact the ENTHUSE Celebration Awards, and in particular winning the Primary School Science ENTHUSE Award, has had on her school and her own personal development.What’s your teaching background?I qualified in September 1995 with a BA(QTS). In the same year, I...


Early Years teaching: the key to teacher and pupil development

The Early Years classroom in a primary school is usually that strange colourful space at the end of the corridor where the chairs are so small and there seems to be so much going on at any one time that for the untrained observer it can seem like chaos.I know it was in my school and I was a little scared of venturing there as I really didn’t...


Mathematics: an important ingredient in the new design and technology qualifications

For those teaching the new design and technology and engineering specifications from September 2017, one of the most interesting changes to the examined content is the increased focus on mathematics knowledge. How would you or your students fare with the following question?A water feature is made from three buckets A, B and C. Each bucket...

Have a merry science Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas and the end of term and as that time approaches we start to get all Christmassy and our minds turn to how we can use this to engage our students.Over the years, we have put together a range of Christmas science activities for you to demonstrate or do with your students. It’s a great excuse to really get some science enjoyment...


Do you really understand the internet?

This is a page on the World Wide Web, within one of the 1.1 billion websites that exist today.Young people take the web for granted but do they know how a page actually arrived on their screen? To be successful in GCSE and A level computer science they’ll need to!The old ICT curriculum touched only very lightly on network hardware – students...


BP Ultimate STEM Challenge: Norton College show us how they’re getting on

Terri Hoggart from Norton College has undertaken the BP Ultimate STEM Challenge with her students and they have decided to take on the auto arm challenge.BP uses remotely operated underwater vehicles to inspect and maintain seabed equipment, they have robot arms to grip and manipulate tolls and controls. For this challenge students need to design...


STEM Insight: experiencing the world of STEM careers

A fantastic way to improve STEM-related careers knowledge, STEM Insight immerses you in either an industry or university setting to gain a better understanding of STEM organisations and careers.We’ve had some great feedback from teachers about their experience on the STEM Insight programme. Why not take a look?Science in action at BPDr Adrian...


Northern lights and geysers: the wonders of Iceland

The Iceland STEM study visit is a unique opportunity to be inspired by the wonders of the country in a STEM context.Through talks from leading researchers in their fields, carrying out a mini-STEM project, seeing real-life examples of “difficult to teach” contexts and through sharing ideas with other participants, the STEM study visit is full of...


The twelve resources of ChristMATHS

The National STEM Learning Centre and Network's Christmas present to you is a collection of the best Christmas-themed mathematics resources to get your students really thinking about mathematics in the festive period.  1. The 12 days of ChristmasHow many presents did ‘my true love’ give altogether in the song? How many French Hens? These, and...



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