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Support for families
To support parents and carers our subject experts have put together a selection of activities and materials, which are free for everyone to access.


Please note, all activities provided require parental support.



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  • Guidance for families
  • Educational family activities
  • Remote lessons for children


  • Primary resources for home learning

  • Secondary biology resources for home learning

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  • Science of learning for parents

    • Join Paul Howard-Jones to explore what goes on in the brain when learning is taking place, and what that means for how you can support your child's learning.

  • Home learning survival guide

    • Top tips on home learning, covering everything from making use of what you have around you to creating simple routines. 

  • Coping with coronavirus

    • Tips, advice and guidance about home learning and supporting your child’s mental health and wellbeing during lockdown.

Families: activities to do at home

Here you can explore a range of fun, hands-on activities that can be used to engage young people of all ages with science, technology, engineering and maths.

Explore activities


Summer of STEM

In case you missed it, Summer of STEM consisted of three weeks of themed activities for children from primary up to 14 years of age. Themes included oceans and the environment, space and sport. 

Activities for Week 1 - Oceans and the environment

Activities for Week 2 - Space

Activities for Week 3 - Sport      


  • Professor Lucie Green, space scientist and broadcaster, introduces STEM Learning's Summer of STEM

  • Planetary Scientist Suzie Imber introduces week 2 and how you can explore the theme of space and train like an astronaut


Remote lessons for children

We are offering remotely-delivered, curriculum-linked computing and science lessons.

These lessons cover a range of topics and can be accessed at any time of day, making it easy to fit into your home learning schedule.


Smartphone apps to help teach science and computing

To support and complement the learning of the most vulnerable children at home, we have put together a comprehensive list of apps available on Android or iOS to enable children to stay engaged with learning if they can't fully access all of the resources schools have set.​ Suitable for all ages and key stages.


Be inspired by some of our well-known STEM Ambassadors

From simple yet engaging activity ideas, to information about how children learn and life as an astronaut, watch these inspiring videos from famous STEM Ambassadors, including British astronaut Tim Peake.

Dallas Campbell describes a way of making the ultimate paper aeroplane. Download the step-by-step instructions.

Professor Paul Howard-Jones shares his knowhow on the science of how children learn.



Dallas Campbell discusses the link between food and engineering in this video about how astronauts eat bacon sandwiches in space.

Science teacher and STEM Ambassador Leonie Briggs presents a step-by-step guide to making an exploding rainbow.


Make your own rocket at home, with top tips and guidance from Dallas Campbell.


British Astronaut Tim Peake answers children’s questions about how to become an astronaut.



Find out what bras and spacesuits have in common in this video from TV presenter Dallas Campbell.


Simple STEM activities to do at home

STEM Learning presents: exploding rainbows!

Bring some colour into your science home learning by creating an exploding rainbow!In our newest home learning video, science teacher and STEM Ambassador Leonie Briggs presents a step-by-step guide to making an exploding rainbow (safely), using everyday household items that cause a chemical reaction.All that’s needed...

Simple STEM activities to do at home: padlock challenge

I have quite a few friends across the country who are trying to entertain and educate their kids at home while at the same time keep them safe and happy. I wanted to help them but I wanted to create something a bit different, and a bit of a surprise. So I sent each of them a bag of sweet treats… but to eat them they first had to do some work. Some STEM work...

Simple STEM activities at home for young children

Like most parents, I am new to home learning. Having two young children under the age of five, I really struggled to see how I could entertain them both and work at home at the same time. At STEM Learning, I work in communications, so I’m adept at juggling projects, new challenges and being creative, but this is another level.As most parents and...

Simple STEM activities to do at home: Fantastic fruit

I was surprised by how many questions can be asked about a simple activity from ‘Starters for STEM’ using fruit that you already have in the house.For this activity Freya picked a selection of fruits and drew a picture for each one. Together we sounded out the phonemes to help her practice the spellings, names of the fruits and their colours.We didn’t stop...

Careers podcast: STEM Sessions

STEM Sessions puts a spotlight on science, technology, engineering and maths careers in the UK. Every episode features one of our STEM Ambassadors who gives an insight into their job, how they got there and how young people can follow the same path.

Home teaching resources for teachers

We have developed a range of materials, including free resources, tips from our subject experts and professional development opportunities.