Maths resources for home learning

How best can you support your children outside of school? Whether a parent, carer or home school educator, there are a variety of maths games, activities and puzzles that can be used to support children’s mathematical education from home.


Maths activity calendar

A selection of resources, all of which are completely free, to help stimulate the learning of mathematics at home. There are resources for each day of the term - please feel free to follow our guide or to dip in and out, selecting the activities most suitable for you and your children.


Home learning resources by topic

SMILE resources

One starting point when considering resources that can be used independently by students is the SMILE collection. During the 1970s and 80s, the Secondary Mathematics Independent Learning Experience (SMILE) developed a wide range of mathematics activities, games and puzzles designed so students could explore and enjoy mathematics.

Some of the resources look a little dated but don’t let that put you off. The mathematics activities are interesting, rich and will definitely make students think.




    Cre8ate Maths - activities for 11-16 years olds 

    The activities below are from the Cre8ate Maths collection, exploring how school mathematics is used in different industries. Each activity includes teacher notes which cover any materials required and explain the mathematics involved. The complete collection can be viewed here, but we've selected some of the best for home learning:

    • Stretchiness

      • Work like an engineer to investigate the properties of materials- in this case: sweets!

    • Hand eye coordination

      • "The faster you are the more mistakes you make" Complete the Hand-Eye tester to find out.

    • Working for efficiency

      • Help devise the best way to complete a paper round- plus other logic puzzles to attempt

    • Designing logos

      • Can you find company logos with symmetry? Can you design your own?​​

    • Printing

      • Make your own booklet- print out the adverts and try to fit them all on one page.

    • Building a town

      • Make a net of a local building on your way to recreating where you live.

    • Maths in art

      • Explore the repeating patterns and shapes that can be used to make art.

    • Packaging

      • Make and design boxes to be folded and used to package food and drink. 

    • Minimise or supersize

      • How many of us are aware of the calories, sugar, salt and fat contain in the food we eat? Take on the role of a nutritionist and explore...

    • Going bananas

      • How much does a banana weigh? Can you make a healthy smoothie cheaper than those found in the shops?

    • More miles for your money

      • How far can a food truck travel on a full tank? Help the Department of Transport select the most efficient truck design.

    • Ordering

      • Explore the logistics of building a new warehouse, or making a cup of tea.


    • Building silos

      • Your task is to build a model of a silo found on a farm using objects in your kitchen. Does your silo meet the specification?

    • Helicopter seeds

      • Make a paper helicopter seed from the template, drop them and record the results. How far do the seeds spread?

    Maths resources for teachers

    A list of useful websites and organisations that teachers may find useful when planning lessons for their students.

    See our community group for more ideas and resources. You can also ask questions , post replies or share your own resources.


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