Join a growing community working to support the skills, learning and networking of technical staff across the UK.

As a member of HEaTED, you will gain access to:

  • discounted CPD, with up to 50% discount for HEaTED members
  • access to resources, including our bespoke Competency Assessment Toolkit for Technical Staff 
  • discount on our facilitation and advisory service
  • free access to ten regional face-face networking events for technicians across the UK
  • access to online community groups with over 3,000 registered technicians
  • UK wide technician communication channels, including magazines and eNewsletters

Become a member

Both institutions and individuals can become members of HEaTED. If you are a technician and your institution is a member of HEaTED, then you are already a member.

Why join HEaTED?

HEaTED membership enables employees to access training and development programmes, so that technical staff:

  • have access to dedicated technical CPD    
  • feel valued due to organisational investment in their development
  • are afforded opportunities to learn, develop and grow their skills  
  • feel appreciated, motivated and challenged 
  • enhance their capability to become more productive 

Membership prices

The membership fee is dependent on the number of technical staff in your institution and is valid for one year after payment. Discounts are available if you wish to purchase a membership for more than one year.

Individual £125
Up to 50 £693
50-100 £1,040
100-250 £1,732
250-500 £2,080
500-750 £2,695
750-1,000 £3,465
1,000+ £4,400

Browse current member institutions

Use the below map to find the contact details for your nearest Regional Network Coordinator and our current member institutions.

Become a member

To inquire about becoming a member, or to request a visit from a member of our team to discuss this further, we'd love to hear from you.

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