Job vacancies

Job searching is often regarded as a laborious task by many candidates, including people in the technical workforce, who simply do not have the time to search an array of websites and platforms to find opportunities, and deciding whether to make an application based on the available information. 
Our offer to candidates - we screen a selection of the latest technician job adverts to provide candidates with an overview of essential key requirements of the post, to help reduce job search time and aid quick application decision-making. 
Our offer to recruiters and employers - an opportunity for recruiters and employers to advertise technical jobs on our website to reach over 9,000 technicians in the HEaTED network at UK higher education. All adverts with HEaTED will have a company logo and will remain on our website for up to 8 weeks. HEaTED network members’ receive 50% discount. To find out more, contact us.
There are no vacancies at present. When any are available they will appear below.