Coffee and questioning at Leeds College of Arts

Daniel Jagger, Senior Technical Officer, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University

I’m not a morning person and waking for my trip to Leeds for the National Network of Arts Technicians (NNATs) event on 15 June 2016 seemed overwhelming, as I rushed to make the 6am train to take me there. However, this feeling soon subsided on my arrival at Leeds College of Art (LCA), as the informal breakfast gathering of NNAT members was underway. Aided by some much-needed coffee, I found that I was not alone, and that many NATT members from across the UK had made a similar journey. With a coffee in-hand and an ice-breaking discussion about dirty trains and cheap hotels – I knew I was in for a good day!

The informative opening address from LCA's Director of Studies, Dave Russell was followed by HEaTED's Dr Katherine Forsey who updated NNAT members on the latest news and development opportunities available through HEaTED's network.

Professor Patsy, representing the Higher Education Academy, gave an insightful presentation on HEA membership and some valuable advice for those interested in becoming a member.

For me, one of the day’s highlights was Jane Ginniver's homage to the game 'who am I'. This game asked NNAT member to recreate an image through inquisitive questioning. This led to some interesting and creative imagery, while facilitating reflective insights into how 'we' communicate with each other, staff and students; highlighting concepts of information gathering and dissemination.

After lunch we took a trip to LCA’s HE campus to view the 2016 undergraduate Degree Show. Having viewed some exciting artworks, myself and other NNATs colleagues co-opted a final year student for an impromptu tour of LCA's technical workshop facilities (the draw was just too strong!).  A fantastic way to finish what was a great day!

Thank you to Matt Etherington from Lorensbergs for their sponsorship and contribution to the event. Thank you also to the LCA for hosting. We hope to see you all at Salford MediaCityUK on 5 September 2016 for the next NNATS event!

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