Welcome to the new and improved ESA Kids website

The ESA Education office is proud to launch the new and improved ESA Kids website, the online home of Paxi, the ESA Education mascot. With the new design and organisation, ESA Kids is the one-stop shop for all space-related information, resources, multimedia, and activities for children.

The ESA Kids platform has a new look and feel that enables users easier access to space-inspired STEM content geared toward primary-school aged children (5-12 years) in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Italian.  

What’s new?

There's Paxi on the ISS videos, in which an astronaut aboard the International Space Station helps explain aspects of life in microgravity and much more now available in our dedicated Multimedia section.

Also included are animations from other ESA missions like Rosetta and the recently launched BepiColombo spacecraft to Mercury.

Users will also find fun and educational downloads such as Paxi posters and jaw-dropping wallpapers and screensavers from ESA spacecraft such as Mars Express and Rosetta.

For educators too!

The new ESA Kids website is also designed as a platform for educators. The new Teachers section provides quick and easy access to classroom projects and teaching resources for primary-level education along with teacher training opportunities hosted by ESA Education. 

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