Tim Peake - space resources and inspiration

ESERO-UK offers support and resources to enable teachers to use Tim Peake's space mission in the classroom, to inspire pupils for generations to come.


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  • EO Detective

    Use images taken from satellites to become a space detective!

    Primary, Secondary, Science, Mathematics, Computing

  • Principia Space Diary

    The count down to the Principia space mission has begun. Will you become a space apprentice for Tim and help him make this mission a success? Sign up to be part of the adventure.

    Primary, Literacy, Science, Mathematics, DT, PE

  • Rocket Science

    Help discover what growing plants in space can teach us about life on Earth.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16, Biology, Science

  • Amateur Radio Call Webcasts

    Tune into the webcasts from schools who have been awarded direct radio link ups with Tim.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16

  • Astro Academy: Principia

    Using the unique microgravity facilities on board the ISS to teach fundamental aspects of physics and chemistry, using experiments and demonstrations that are impossible to conduct on Earth.

    Secondary Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry

  • Astro Pi

    A chance for students to devise and code their own apps or experiment to run in space.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16, Computing, DT

  • CanSat

    CanSat 2018 logo

    The CanSat competition provides students with the opportunity to have practical experience working on a small-scale space project.

    Secondary and Post-16

  • Careers

    You don’t have to become an astronaut to work in space.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16, Computing, D&T, Mathematics, Science

  • Chemistry in space

    Workshops from Science and Discovery Centres across the UK.

    Primary, Secondary, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, DT, Mathematics

  • Cosmic Classroom

    Watch the replay of the live link between 300 children and Tim Peake.

    Primary, Secondary, Science

  • Destination Space

    Activities about solar power and atmospheric chemistry, linked to Tim Peake's flight to the ISS.

    Secondary, Post-16, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science

  • I'm an Astronaut, Get me out of here

    Put your questions to the team behind Tim's mission with online, live chat.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16, Computing, D&T, Mathematics, Science

  • International Space Station

    Engaging resources themed around the ISS.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16, Computing, DT, Mathematics, Science

  • Into film: into space

    Make a short film around the theme of space and exploration, selected films will be screened in space where they will be viewed by Tim on-board the ISS.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16

  • Mission X

    Find out how to train like an astronaut.

    Primary, secondary, PE, science, biology

  • one giant read

    Join One Giant Read and explore a showcase of the best science fiction writing and poetry and learn of the incredible science facts it has inspired.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16 Literacy

  • Space to Earth

    Challenge students to run, swim, cycle, climb, dance or exercise the 400 km distance from the Earth to the ISS orbit.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, DT, Mathematics, Careers

  • Space Education Quality Mark

    Space Education Quality Mark logo

    Gain recognition for your school for using the context of space in STEM subjects.

    Primary, Secondary, Post-16, Computing, D&T, Mathematics, Science

  • Timpix

    Monitoring radiation levels on the ISS.

    Secondary, Post-16, Physics

  • The Astro Science Challenge

    Join this interactive, space science adventure with science-based challenges for students.

    Primary, Science, Mathematics

  • The Great British Space Dinner

    Design a dinner for Tim to eat in space.

    Primary, Secondary, Biology, Food Technology, Science

  • The Usborne Mini Astronaut's Handbook

    A free, downloadable guide to becoming an astronaut, full of funny and fascinating insights, plus a personal message from Tim Peake.

  • Three minute learning

    Learn the science of space through the science of reading.