Space Education Quality Mark

Space Education Quality Mark at a glanceThe Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM) is an award given to UK primary or secondary schools and colleges that have shown significant use of the context of space in subjects, have worked with other organisations, shared resources and used space to enrich the curriculum. 

What are the benefits?

  • gain recognition for your achievements 
  • raise the profile of quality science teaching within your school
  • inspire students to study STEM subjects
  • encourage further engagement with parents, other schools or colleges and the wider community
  • access professional development
  • forge links with space professionals and organisations
  • share good practice and resources with schools and colleges across the UK

Who can apply?

Teachers, teaching assistants or technicians from primary or secondary schools and colleges can apply. The mark is open to all schools and colleges in the UK, including independent schools.

What level should you apply for?

There are three possible levels - bronze, silver and gold. You will complete a  self-assessment form with descriptors for each level. 

Our assessors will determine your level and could decide that you are at a different level than your self-assessment, based on your supporting evidence.

How much support will you get?

The Space Education Quality Mark has a light touch approach. The self-assessment must be completed and submitted before you are assigned an assessor. You can submit queries to our staff at STEM Learning at any time.

There is a community group where you can ask questions and share ideas with other schools who are applying for or have been awarded the Space Education Quality Mark. 

How is it assessed? 

The Space Education Quality Mark is self-assessed. After application, you will be sent a self-assessment grid which looks at space as a context within the STEM curriculum, outside of STEM subjects, through enrichment activities and working with parents and other organisations. 

Your self-assessment form should link to evidence, which can be back-dated up to three years. The guidelines document outlines the type of evidence that you can provide and the preferred formats. The evidence and the guidelines document need to be uploaded to a secure area that you will be sent a link to. Once you have completed uploading evidence, get in touch and we can send the evidence onto an assessor. 

What does it cost?

The application fee is £100. This covers the application process, the assessor's time, and a plaque.

How to apply

To apply, all you have to do is register your interest.

Register your interest

If you have any queries, please contact us.

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