Space Champion online sessions

Space Champions, supported by ESERO-UK and the UK Space Agency, are delivering online sessions for teachers and technicians; using space as a context in teaching with space-themed experiments and linking to featured resources. 


Regional deliverers of space-related training have launched workshops exploring how to use space as a context in teaching, the different ESA education programmes on offer and how to get recognition through the Space Education Quality Mark. They will guide educators through the resources and tools available and how to run space-related experiments for students. 


Online sessions this summer:

04 August -  Join Teacher, Paul Hill, for a free CPD session that looks at how Space can be used to inspire in your science curriculum and how you can make use of the fantastic, free resources available from ESERO-UK. Find out how you can look for life on Mars, run a mission to the moon, explore Antarctica, launch rockets and design spacesuits. There will be a chance to see how simple, exciting and inexpensive experiments can be run in class and have a chance to ask those pressing space and science questions.

13, 14 and 15 July - The Royal Astronomical Society will be delivering one-hour sessions, for all levels of teachers and technicians, showcasing current activities and free resources available that can be used in the classroom and beyond. Areas covered but not limited to, include: 

  • primary level earth and space, literacy, numeracy and how Science works
  • secondary level biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geography and DT



Space Detectives CPD - The topic of space holds fascination for many people of all ages. Did you know that we can use “space” as a context of delivery through which much of the primary science curriculum can be taught? This is a super way of engaging young primary pupils and inspiring them in those all-important STEM subjects:


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