Take part in our live Mission X online training

On 15 February 2017 between 4:30-5pm, ESERO-UK is running a live demonstration around Mission X.

Subject experts will lead you through a variety of science-themed activities linked to Mission X – Train Like An Astronaut.

Using the below shopping list, you can try out the experiments for yourself. During the live demonstration, you will also be able to ask our subject experts any questions you may have about the experiments through the chat on YouTube.

Many of the activities extend the NASA challenges and will provide ideas of how to carry out the investigations in the classroom, or at home. 

Shopping list:

Taste in space
  • foods to taste (e.g. yoghurt, coffee, lemon juice)
  • blind fold
  • a helper
Living bones
  • bag of spaghetti
  • two chairs of the same height
  • string
  • a weight to tie to the string
Energy of an astronaut
  • sugar cubes
  • sugary foods with nutrition info (e.g. Mars bar, can of Coke)
Hydration station
  • clear plastic cups or sample bottled water, apple juice, black tea or coffee

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