Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut 2019 is open!

Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut is an international educational challenge, focusing on health, science, fitness and nutrition, which encourages pupils to train like an astronaut.

The perfect project for school teachers of pupils between 8 and 12 years old, Mission X is also ideal for educators who run science clubs, youth and community groups, after-school clubs and home educators.

We provide a wealth of free resources to help educators teach the principles of health and exercise, using a space context. Many of the lessons and activities are linked to the science curriculum and have a clear focus on health and nutrition. The materials are available in a range of languages.

On this worldwide challenge, pupils practice scientific reasoning and teamwork whilst participating in hands-on STEM education and physical education activities targeting strength, endurance, coordination, balance and spatial awareness. For each activity completed, teams earn points which are submitted through the website. Each point earned helps the Mission X mascot, Astro Charlie, walk to the Moon.

Supported by the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency, ESERO-UK oversees the challenge and has launched a brand new website where people from around the world can learn more about the project, gather ideas to spark interest in space exploration and access the free teaching resources.

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