Mission X – Train Like an Astronaut YouTube training session

On Wednesday 15 February the ESERO-UK team did a live YouTube demonstration as part of the Mission X ‘Train like an astronaut’ activities for participating schools.

The schools were invited to take part in a live webinar broadcast where Tom Lyons (ESERO-UK Teacher Fellow) and Dave Gibbs (STEM computing and technology specialist) lead viewers through some of the science activities linked to Mission X – Train Like An Astronaut.

Using a basic shopping list, participants could ‘cook along’ with the team, trying out some of the experiments and were able to ask questions and comment through YouTube’s chat function. Many of the activities extended the NASA challenges and provided ideas of how to carry out the investigations in the classroom, or at home.

These were the experiments that took place:

  • Taste in space – foods to taste (e.g. yoghurt, coffee, lemon juice), blind fold, a helper.
  • Living bones – bag of spaghetti, two chairs of the same height, string, a weight to tie to the string
  • Energy of an astronaut – Sugar cubes, sugary foods with nutrition info (e.g. Mars bar, can of coke)
  • Hydration station – clear plastic cups or sample bottles, water, apple juice, black tea or coffee

Mission X participants learn principles of healthy eating and exercise, compete for points by finishing training modules, and get excited about the world's future in space and the educational possibilities for their own future. Pupils will practice scientific reasoning and teamwork while participating in hands-on training missions targeting strength, endurance, coordination, balance, spatial awareness, and more.

If you didn’t manage to watch this live, you can watch the video here


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