Climate Detectives

Climate Detectives is a European Space Agency initiative that tasks teams of young people to work with real climate data.
For the first time, ESERO-UK is excited to announce that there are two ways young people can take part.

  • Climate Detectives UK – open for registration!

    Climate Detectives UK is a spin-off of the ESA Climate Detectives challenge, running for the first time this year. The competition is open to 11-14 years old.

    This shorter, more focused programme challenges participating teams with answering questions in one of several proposed research areas, using a range of tools and data carefully curated by ESERO-UK with the help of climate experts at the Met Office.

    Registration for this challenge closes on 28th October.

    Find out more and register

  • ESA Climate Detectives

    ESERO-UK invites teachers and teams of students, between the ages of 8 and 15, to team up and join the ESA Climate Detectives school project.

    Teams of students, supported by their teacher, are called to make a difference by identifying a climate problem, investigating it by using available Earth Observation data or taking measurements on the ground, and then proposing a way to help reduce the problem.

    Registration for this challenge closes on 25th November.

    Find out more and register

Supporting Resources

Teachers and teams taking part in either challenge can make use of a specially curated collection of resources to inspire ideas, reinforce learning, or take things a step further.