Mission X 2018 open for registration

Train like an astronaut and learn the principles of healthy eating and exercise in space.

BBC micro:bit

Micro:bit in space

Learn how to use the micro:bit in the context of space to improve understanding in science and computing.


The search for planets beyond our Solar System

This resource consists of nine practical activities based on the search for exoplanets, where life may exist.


Teaching primary science: humans in space

Identify opportunities across the curriculum to use space as a context for learning.


Your chance to get involved in the next human outpost in space!

The Deep Space Gateway will be a human habitable outpost near the Moon.


Space and astronomy- a context to teach science from year 1 to year 6

Get support in planning inspirational science lessons across all year groups, using the Earth and Space element of the National Curriculum.

UK space education office

ESERO-UK, also known as the UK space education office, provides free resources, support and information for teachers to enhance the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) using space as a context.

Inspiring resources

Space resources

Hundreds of curriculum-linked, quality-assured space resources.



Space Education Quality Mark logo

Find out more about the Space Education Quality Mark. 


Tim Peake

Tim Peake

Free resources focused on British ESA astronaut Tim Peake’s mission.



CPD at STEM Learning

Book onto ESERO-UK’s high-impact CPD and bring space into your classroom.



CanSat competition

Find out more about the British and European CanSat competitions. 


About us


Find out more about ESERO and support for space education in the UK.



STEM inspiration

Be inspired by the latest news and blogs from our space ambassadors and subject specialists.


Mission X

Mission X

Sign up for the Mission X: Train like an Astronaut, which involved 29 different countries.