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Currently, around 82% of teachers report that they don’t feel confident advising students about careers. By hosting a placement, your organisation can play a vital role in supporting both teachers and students understand the diverse range of STEM careers available.

Not only will this help you to build long-term partnerships with local schools and colleges, it will also help to inspire the future talent pipeline in your area as teachers feel more equipped to offer advice and guidance to young people.

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The benefits of hosting a placement

An infographic outlining the benefits of hosting a placement to teachers. Benefits include building long-term partnerships with local schools and colleges and inspiring the future workforce.



"IBM is proud to have supported the STEM Insight programme from its inception. We see tremendous benefit from teachers spending a fortnight with us, experiencing a modern, high-tech environment. The impact for most is truly transformational and inspires us to do more."

- Mark Wakefield, IBM placement host



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