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The STEM Directory is a database of providers offering STEM enhancement and enrichment to schools and colleges locally and nationally.  Teachers can easily search for shows, workshops, debates, challenges, visiting speakers and more.

Find exciting opportunities for in-class support, memorable days out, and engaging projects to motivate your students.

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Wonderstruck Crawlers Workshop

A fantastic team-based, practical, competitive activity.This workshop involves participants working in small teams (usually of three) to build and improve a 'Crawler'.'What's a Crawler?'  I hear you ask.  Well, these are small vehicles that use geared motors to move themselves about...

The Wonderstruck Rocket Show

Here at Wonderstruck we love rockets and we want to share that love with all and sundry.Our Rocket Show is crammed full of physics, chemistry and history.  We look at the science of combustion, how expanding gases are harnessed in reaction engines and some of the less successful historical forays into...

Wonderstruck January '18 Crazy New Year STEM Sale

Every year we run a Crazy New Year STEM Sale where we offer a massive discount on all bookings for dates in January.And 2018 is going to be just the same!If you want to make a booking for January '18 we're offering a massive 18 per cent (can you see what we did there?) off everything.  That impressive...

Animal handling & minibeast Lessons

The world of minibeasts and invertebrates in your hands!KS1 & KS2 curriculum linked workshops on a range of science topics, where pupils hold the animals and animal related items whilst learning, particularly good for kinesthetic learners. Workshops include habitats, lifecycles, evolution, adaptations, minibeasts...

Awesome Engineers LEGO Enrichment Day

Awesome Engineers Ltd can provide a day of LEGO workshops, each typically lasting for 1 lesson or 1 hour, adjusted to fit your school timetable. These may be all aimed at one age band (KS1, KS2 lower or KS2 higher) or may be a mixture of these.  Models available include a balloon propelled car, working windscreen...

Geology Rocks & Fantastic Fossils

Explore this fascinating subject with real quality specimens and an experienced and knowledgeable Education Officer:Fantastic FossilsHandle and identify real fossils after a demonstration of how they are made and see three live counterparts.Geology RocksAfter a demonstration of how different rocks are made, handle and...

Inspire girls into STEM talk

Having worked in conservation and teaching environmental education outdoors for over 10 years and now working freelance as a science presenter I really want to convince more girls that STEM is for them!My passion is conservation and the environment - I have travelled and volunteered in the Amazon to see many of the...

Flashbang Science Mobile Lab

Flashbang science LtdIn-school visitFlashbang science is a bright mobile science laboratory coming to school doorsteps predominantly for children aged 4 – 11 but can accomodate other age groups. It is a controlled environment within school grounds ( no travel, set up, downtime costs for schools) Chemistry and...

Dr Research Primary School Workshops

Hands-on workshops for primary school pupils. Workshops usually last about 1 hour (or the length of one of your lessons), but they can be extended to last a whole morning or afternoon if you want to explore the topic further. All pupils take part in the activities which are designed to be fun, encourage...

FunMaths Roadshow (South East)

The FunMaths Roadshow is a collection of 350 mathematical activities suitable for use with school pupils, college students, and university undergraduates. The first 100 were developed to celebrate the centenary of the Liverpool Mathematical Society in 1999, and the further 250 have been developed subsequently. The...


Grants for school

The Royal Institution runs two enrichment and enhancement grant schemes. Grants of up to £500 are available to UK-registered state schools to host a STEM activity selected from the STEM Directories.

There are a number of other organisations that offer grants to schools.

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The STEM Directory contains searchable activities that enhance STEM teaching in schools and colleges. Teachers can search for shows, workshops, debates, challenges, visiting speakers and more.

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