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World Space Week is celebrated during 4 – 10th October and we’ve got a range of primary and secondary workshops that link in with this year’s theme of Exploring New Worlds in Space. Blending science and performance arts, our World Space Week workshops are an excellent way of engaging students with science and supporting them in understanding our neighbours in the solar system – as well as worlds much further away. 

These inspirational workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities and are designed to build on pupils’ existing knowledge, enhance progression and boost pupil motivation in science. They are available both during World Space Week and throughout the school year.

Perfect for Space Week –  as well as throughout the year to bring this topic to life!

  • Interplanetary Tours (KS2 – KS3) - A fast-paced exploration of our solar system in which pupils learn and teach each other key facts
  • The Race into Space - Creative maths for up to 420 pupils in a single day! 
  • The Story of Flight (KS2 – KS3) - The drama of the science behind our conquest of the skies
  • Lessons from Beyond - Exploring what we have learnt from space exploration – and celebrating its value
  • Space Pirates! - From proto-stars to black holes – an interactive exploration of the life cycles of stars!

For teachers they provide an opportunity to experience some creative, inspiring and cross curricular approaches to teaching the topic of Space, many of which require minimal resources and can be shared with colleagues and implemented into science lessons the very next day. 

To book this activity, please contact:
Jo Stokes
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as creatives, Studio B, Baltic Creative Campus, 49
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There are a number of other organisations that offer grants to schools.

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