Wonderstruck Skimmers Workshop

Wonderstruck Ltd

A unique team-based, practical, competitive activity.  We're pretty sure you won't find any other workshops that look at the ground effect!

So, what is a Skimmer?  Well these are small model 'aircraft' that use a well known (amongst aircraft designers anyway) aerodynamic phenomenon called the ground effect which allows them to travel relatively long distances (about 10 metres for a good one) whilst 'skimming' just one or two centimetres above the ground.

We start our sessions with an introduction to the science behind the activity and demonstrations of the Skimmers in action. Teams then get templates with which to build their own Skimmers.  They can test their Skimmers and try out modifications and then we have a competion to find the ultimate champions (winners cups are supplied!).

We can run this workshop with up to 150 participants and it takes about 90 minutes.  We can run this workshop with larger numbers but that depepnds on the available space as we need to use the hall or a similar space for testing and racing.

Expected outcomes

Specific learning outcomes are differentiated according to the age group participating in the workshop.  

In general, the activity involves:

  • Understanding the basic idea of how an aerofoil/wing works
  • Understanding the basic idea of pressure and how it can exert a force
  • Developing a basic understanding of how the Ground Effect works

That may sound a bit advanced but we're pretty good at explaining it in very simple terms!



To book this activity, please contact:
Peter Wright

Brandize Hill Farm
EX20 3HW
United Kingdom

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