The Wonderstruck Rocket Show


Here at Wonderstruck we love rockets and we want to share that love with all and sundry.

Our Rocket Show is crammed full of physics, chemistry and history.  We look at the science of combustion, how expanding gases are harnessed in reaction engines and some of the less successful historical forays into rocketry.

We do all of this with the help of:

  • A full size (2 metre), fully functional Rocket Car
  • A working jet engine
  • A 10 foot fireball
  • Gunpowder
  • The Wonderstruck Bed of Doom
  • And some very loud explosions

And lots more.  In fact we have too many demonstrations to fit into a one hour show so we may be able to offer you a few choices about exactly what goes in.  If you don't mind a lot of sweeping up we can bring the Wonderstruck Krispie Rocket.

Shows are suitable for all ages - we'll adjust the language accordingly.  We even have nursery age children at our shows from time to time but everyone, regardless of age, must be able to cover their ears as there are several bangs in the show that do require this.

Please note that you must be able to disable any smoke alarms and/or heat sensors in the space being used for the show and in any adjoining areas into which smoke might drift for the duration of the show.

Expected outcomes

The show covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Forces and motion
  • Pressure
  • Combustion
  • Newton's Third Law of Motion

We can adjust the language according to the age of the audience and would hope that everyone will leave the show knowing how Newton's Third Law of Motion applies to rockets and how expanding gases are used in this context to power rockets.  


To book this activity, please contact:
Peter Wright
0845 5193 325

Brandize Hill Farm
EX20 3HW Okehampton Devon

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