Wonderstruck DrumBot Workshop

Wonderstruck Ltd

A fantastic team-based, practical, competitive activity.

This workshop involves participants working in small teams (usually of three) to build, test and improve a DrumBot.

DrumBots are drum-shaped 'robots' that contain a rotating counter-weighted arm.  As the arm moves it causes the motor to apply a torque to the body of the DrumBot, making it roll forwards.  DrumBots can roll up ramps, overcome small obstacles and a good one can move quite fast on the flat as well.

The session starts with an introduction to the science behind the activity.  The concept of torque is explained - for younger groups this is just referred to as a twisting force.  We also cover energy transformations, simple circuits and the idea of fair tests and the purpose of taking multiple results and averaging.

The whole session ends with an exciting time trial race off to find the ultimate champions (winners cups are supplied!).  If the weather's OK we can do this outside.

We can run this workshop with up to 200 participants and with age groups from 5 to adult.  We can accommodate larger groups but that depepnds on the spaces you have available for testing and racing.

The standard version of the workshop takes about 2 hours with 150 participants, slightly longer with larger groups.

Expected outcomes

Specific learning outcomes are differentiated according to the age group participating in the workshop.  

In general, the activity involves:

  • Assembling a simple circuit
  • Understanding the basic idea of torque/moment
  • Understanding what affects the magnitude of an applied torque/moment


To book this activity, please contact:
Peter Wright

Brandize Hill Farm
EX20 3HW
United Kingdom

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