Wonderstruck Compressed Air Cars Workshop

Wonderstruck Ltd

A fantastic team-based, practical, competitive activity.

This workshop involves participants working in small teams (usually of three) to build and improve a simple car powered by compressed air.

The session starts with an introduction to the science behind the activity.  We examine the forces involved and talk about Newton's Third Law of Motion.  This workshop is suitable for very young children (with adult assistance) so we can explain the science very simply if necessary.

In their teams, particpants build and decorate their cars and we run a series of heats to find class champions and then a final competition to find the ultimate champions (winners cups are supplied!).

We can generally run this workshop with up to 150 participants and with age groups from 4 to 14.  We can run this with larger groups but that will be depepndant on the space you have available.

The standard version of the workshop takes about 90 minutes with 150 participants, slightly longer with larger groups.

The cost quoted for this workshop includes the provision of parts for 50 cars.  The school can keep these cars at the end of the workshop.


Expected outcomes

Specific learning outcomes are differentiated according to the age group participating in the workshop.  With very young groups, for example, we may just focus on how the 'push' is produced to make the car move.

In general, the activity involves:

  • Understanding the relationship between forces and motion on a very basic level
  • Understanding that friction always acts to slow things down
  • Understanding the basic idea of Newton's Third Law of Motion


        We're happy to emphasise particular topic areas to tie in with your teaching - just let us know!






To book this activity, please contact:
Peter Wright
0845 5193 325

Brandize Hill Farm
EX20 3HW Okehampton Devon

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