The UKs only Crocodile Zoo

Crocodiles of the World

Visit the only zoo in the UK that specialises in crocodilians.

  • Do you know that crocs have the most 'advanced' heart on the planet?
  • Did you know they also have the strongest bite?
  • Do you know why?

We can teach your class about the biology, physiology, behaviour, and conservation of crocodiles and alligators. We can use our beloved crocodilians to illustrate many aspects of the school curriculum - and for any age group. Classification, anatomy, diet, behaviour, adaptations, living things, evolution, conservation - even maths, art, and business studies.

Our Education Team are able to cater for all levels of student, any disability, and all age groups.

A visit to our crocodile zoo includes a dedicated session in our Education Room, and a full schedule of feeds and talks during your visit - culminating in the Nile crocodile feeding demonstration.


Expected outcomes

Classification: What is a reptile? What makes them different to mammals? For advanced and older students, how many crocodilian species are there, and how does classification affect their conservation plans?

Anatomy and Physiology: Crocodilians feature some extraordinary adaptations that make them apex predators. How do these adaptations fit with croc behaviour? We trace each adaptation back to the specific niches where crocodiles are king so that students can begin to understand the broader context of crocs and adaptations.

We want students to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and see how the specifics of behaviour or anatomy fit to complete the overall picture of the organism.

Conservation: students will understand about crocodile conservation - what it means to be 'endangered', which species are facing the most serious threats, what we are doing to help them - but also again the broader context: how small actions we can do at home will help the sustainability of the planet in the long term. Students will understand the concept of biodiversity, and why it is important for us to be protecting it at all costs.

To book this activity, please contact:
Colin Stevenson
01993 846353

Burford Road
OX18 3NX Brize Norton Oxfordshire

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