Tech4primary has a real passion for Engineering & Design. We exist to help create tomorrows inventors, encouraging children of all abilities to tinker and discover, to sow a seed, to wonder & to ask questions so they have the confidence & basic knowledge to grow up wanting to invent & build! We offer school based workshops in Coding, 3D design and printing, Robotics and much more!

Tech4primary is aimed specifically at Early Years through Key stage 1 & 2. Workshops are either full or half day, we can design a series that can be delivered throughout the school year where they will link logically together.

We can help you with 3D modelling, 3D printing, data logging, programming & coding, robotics, logic, simple machines, mechanisms and electricity are all areas that we can help you with. Workshops include electrifying a small town, super structure coding such as Tower Bridge, designing, building & programming robots, World Land Speed Record and many more coding and building projects.

Expected outcomes

Children (and teachers!) will gain an understanding of coding by using drag and drop as well as text based programming. They will learn about inputs and outputs and how to control them into real physical systems. They can investigate and begin to understand the relationship between speed, time and distance, see how different intensities of light can have a value and learn how to use these values as a trigger to make things happen.

3D design and printing workshops will result in children understanding how 3D models can be designed and printed. Techniques such as brain storming and mind mapping will be used to encourage teamwork and communication within groups. Children will work collaboratively to create prototype sketches before modelling using CAD packages and 3D printers 

To book this activity, please contact:
Chris Love

13 Alma Rd
HP5 3HB Chesham Buckinghamshire

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