STEAM Assemblies with Dancers

VSTEAM Education

We deliver STEAM Assemblies mixed with street-dancing to schools and educational institutions. These are delivered by some of the most incredibly talented artists in the UK. 

Our Speeches cover STEM, sustainability and future Graduation Events and motivational talks.

Students enjoy being part of our STEAM Assemblies which range from back-flips and break-dancing to Rockets and Robotics. Our Assemblies are guaranteed to bring your pupils a much-needed fulfilment boost and a superb dose of entertainment.

Expected outcomes
  • Inspiration to pursue a career in STEM.
  • A better understanding of STEM career paths (diplomas, degrees and apprenticeships).
  • A better understanding of what scientists and engineers do in the real world.
  • A better understanding of new technologies such as 3D printing and machine learning.
  • Empowerment for more girls to become scientists and engineers.
  • Entertainment with our street-dancing.
To book this activity, please contact:

Rush Green Road
RM70PU Romford Essex

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How to take part/get started

Do contact us with your event details and we will organise all your requirements.


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