StarLincs Mobile Planetarium

StarLincs Mobile Planetarium

In the planetarium environment we can ensure the ‘wow factor’ for your pupils – and staff – to support any space topic.  The planetarium is ideal for KS2 covering the Earth and Space programme of study of the Curriculum including demonstrations of Day and Night and Phases of the Moon.  All presentations end with a tour of the beautiful night time sky with the presenter showing the constellations, planets and moon phase visible on the evening of the visit.  We always include a short question and answer session too.  

For KS1 we can cover topics such as:  Space; Journeys; Night and Day; Planets; Neil Armstrong and The Moon Landings.  

A presentation lasts for around 45 minutes to an hour.  We can accommodate around 30 KS2 pupils plus teachers or 35 KS1 pupils plus teachers in each presentation.  4 or 5 presentations can be carried out during the school day.

KS3/4 presentations can be tailored to cover the curriculum area being taught.  We can accommodate about 25 students including staff.

The planetarium is an inflatable structure that can only be set up indoors.  Most school halls can accommodate us – the planetarium is 7m in diameter and 3.2m high and takes no more than 30 minutes to set up. If your hall is small you could use your local Community, Church or village hall.

To book this activity, please contact:
J Morton
01529 414332

17 The Innings
NG34 7GA Sleaford Lincs

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