Space Show

Explorer Dome


Foundation Stage - ages 3-4

A story-telling introduction to the moon, stars and the beauty of the night time sky. Find out how to see a picture of Orion as a dot-to-dot in the winter sky and hear some of the wonderful stories written into the stars.

  •  Duration: 30-40 mins
  •  Curriculum Links
  •  Capacity: ~35 children + adults


Key Stage One - ages 5-7

The awe and wonder of space: a story-telling introduction to the earth, moon, sun and stars. Recognise that the sun is a star, find out why the sun moves across the sky, look for different phases of the moon and discover how to spot the pictures and stories in the stars.

  •  Duration: ~45 mins
  •  Curriculum Links
  •  Capacity: ~35 children + adults


Key Stage Two - ages 7-11

Explore our planet, moon, sun and solar system, see how they move and what we see in the sky. Then go star-spotting to discover the constellations as they will appear tonight and discover the stories behind them through the gods and heroes, myths and monsters from Ancient Greece.

  •  Duration: ~45 mins
  •  Curriculum Links
  •  Capacity: ~30 children + adults


Key Stage Three - ages 11-14

An inspiring tour of our sun, solar system, galaxy and beyond. Our sun as a star, its birth, death and the evolution of other stars. Refresh your knowledge about the spin, orbit and axial tilt of the Earth and navigate through the seasonal night sky tonight with the legends from ancient Greek mythology.

  •  Duration: ~50 mins
  •  Curriculum Links
  •  Capacity: 25-35 students + adults


Key Stage Four - ages 14-16+

The origin of the universe and the evolution of stars. Cosmology, constellations, observational astronomy and astrobiology. The relevance of space science in our lives today and the possibility of life on other worlds.

  •  Duration: ~55 mins
  •  Curriculum Links
  •  Capacity: 25-35 students + adults
Expected outcomes

Scientific Enquiry

We want to stimulate curiosity in science for all, regardless of age, gender, background or ability. Our science shows:

  • Allow for questions to share interests and explore ideas
  • Treat every child as unique, supporting personal development
  • Promote observation, prediction and exploration
  • Encourage imagination, creative and critical thinking
  • Support and enhance the Curriculum across subject areas
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