Science Sense

Jaguar Land Rover, Wolverhampton

Scientific skills are critically important for all aspects of our working lives.  Here at Jaguar Land Rover we collect many types of data which is then analysed, evaluated and reported upon. We use various tools and state of the art equipment to help us do this through our on-site laboratory and our testing facilities to ensure our engines are produced to the highest possible quality. 

The day is delivered through a number of workshops:

Crazy Contamination  

Pupils will firstly have a presentation created by our Materials Laboratory specialists showing how we manage contamination levels while building engines. They will then use data to carry out tests and produce reports.  Using microscopes pupils will identify 'types' of contamination, suggesting where it may have come from before making a decision on whether it is within acceptable levels.


Material Madness 

Pupils will consider the different materials used in engine building; why we use them, and why their properties make them suitable for purpose.


Perfect Plastics and Robust Rubber 

Pupils will be provided with a range of engine parts to firstly identify using our scanners and then to test their hardness using our scientific equipment.  Pupils will take and record a number of readings before being asked to present and evaulate their findings.

Expected outcomes

Science Sense at Jaguar Land Rover Wolverhampton, is a unique opportunity to contextualise your science curriculum and highlight the importance of the skills required to work scientifically.

To book this activity, please contact:
Claire Scott-Jarvis
01902 315257/254

Jaguar Land Rover
WV9 5GA Wolverhampton

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