Pro's and Con's of Self Employed vs Employed - "A Collectors Tale"

Amigo's Magic

I come into the school under the premise of being a "Collector" - this provokes different ideas such as Tax Collector, Rubbish Collector, Ticket Collector but I explain that I'm just "A Collector" and proceed to show the students my three most value pride and joys in my collection - A Pair of Match Boxes that move magically by themselves, Houdini's Ring - which is handcuffeed and padlocked onto to a chain, it vanishes and reappears back on my finger where it started and finally A Money Making Machine that when you feed in paper it prints money and you can print in any currency in the world.

This opens the students minds and then ask if they still think I'm a collector - in the end they get that I'm a Magician, a Member of The Magic Circle & Equity and that I'm a full time working professional. I then spend about ten minutes talking about The Magic Circle - how it was formed, how you join and what it stands for.

I then spend the rest of the talk - explaining the benefits of being Employed vs Self Employed - such as job security, sick pay, Mon - Fri  9 - 5pm, Pension etc vs benefits of being Self Employed vs Employed - being your own boss, generally work from home, make my own decisions about when I work and who I work for etc.

This is really practical to all those that are thinking of setting up their own business and gives the students a chance to really think about the pro's and con's of each situation.

Expected outcomes

It's quite eye opening for the students to really think about being Self Employed (with no safety net) vs Employed and the Self Disicpline it takes to run your own business. It's definetly not for everyone but can be very rewarding for those that chose this route. Some start of working for someone and then take the plunge of working for themselves but this talk really gets them to think about it in a more serious but fun and engaging way.

Normally time at the end for Q & A's - of which there is normally a lot.

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