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In the Plyting Fun day children will play our face to face competitive PLYT maths games, which they love, without realising they are even working.  It’s a fun day of “maths by stealth” but it doesn’t stop there as a case of 6 games of your choice are included in the price of the course and these are left with your school for you to continue to play, enjoy and see your children’s maths skills really improve!

We can run a Plyting Fun games day tailored to the needs of the school, using all or any of our games PLYT, NumBugz or Whotchilli:-

  • PLYT is the maths board game that’s proven to improve maths and increase confidence with numbers.  The children playing this can all be of mixed ability but they’ll all have the same chance of winning and everyone will be challenged.  This means that it’s ideal to increase the confidence of less able mathematicians or those who think they are “no good at maths” as they can genuinely win at a maths game plus it encourages children to push outside of their comfort zone and therefore improve.
  • NumBugz brings Bugz of Fun to the whole class with 8 different games to play.  There’s our numbers game Colonyz:  Try to be first to link their Bugz to the Colony - think scrabble with numbers. This is our most complex game and provides a real challenge to students.  Or our strategy game Legionz:  Players think strategically as they try to create the biggest Legion by linking their Bugz together whilst stopping their opponents.  There’s the challenging memory and concentration game Memorize:  Students try to be the first to find all their Bugz - not only must they remember what's on the table, but also what they've already collected.   Or try RumBugz  where students aim to be the first to build specific sequences and get rid of their Bugz.   There are also some quick fun games to play (depending on age and time) Pairz, 25z, SumBugz, Sequenz
  • Whotchilli card games are competitive, fun and mentally stimulating with a choice of different number games to play.   Quick fun games like Lookin’ hot where players use cunning and skill to bluff and double bluff each other.  Salsa is a game of logic for 2 to 3 players as they try to work out whotchillis are in their opponent’s Salsa recipe.  Chilly Chilli is a memory game where you try to stay cool by remembering whotchillis have moved where.  With Scorchio players build the hottest score by correctly predicting the number of tricks they will win.   Heat Seeker is about using investigative skills to locate all of the hottest cards.

In other words we have a choice of up to 15 completely different games for the children to play.   The games all offer different challenges from calculation, to strategy, to memory but they are all based around numbers and children love playing them. 

A standard session would start with us setting up tables with different games, depending on the requirements of the school.    For example we might start with one group playing PLYT, another playing Memorize and another playing Scorchio.     Throughout the session they will move round so that everyone gets a chance to play a variety of games. 

Alternatively, we can focus on one game such as PLYT and run a PLYT tournament where players would compete in a round of games (up to 6 per table) using a function appropriate to their ability (e.g. multiplication). Game winners would progress on to a Final to discover the “Champion” whilst all other players are mixed up into other games.  Teachers/Trainers work with the tables to provide support and we regularly break the game sessions to discuss “Top Tips” - to help children understand patterns in numbers and how to combine them.

We can be as flexible as the school wants.   We can run sessions lasting 60-90 minutes (max. 30 pupils) or full games days across the classes, year groups or the entire school.  

Expected outcomes
  • Improve mental maths by regularly playing fun games
  • Children’s understanding of how to combine numbers increases  
  • Children’s confidence with numbers visibly grows as they play the game
  • A real sense of achievement as less able mathematicians can win at a maths game
  • Encouraging children to play maths games at home with parents.  Reinforce learning in school and increase parental engagement
  • Improvement in social skills as children play an interactive face to face game.
  • Continued use of the games will help across the whole school and provide a valuable resource that can cover much of the KS1/2 curriculum

Children love the competition of the games and want to challenge themselves harder to try to get ahead and they forget that they are learning.

The games aim to make maths fun and give children confidence with numbers whilst helping them master maths basics.

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10 The Greenacres
WA13 9NT
United Kingdom

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