Planet Earth Show

Explorer Dome


Key Stage Two - ages 7-11 (Planet Earth Show)

Find out how the Earth formed, cooled and the continuous movement of the crust causing volcanoes and earthquakes. Visit the rainforest to discuss how life is connected and explore the role we all play in the future of life on Earth.

  •  Duration: ~45 mins
  •  Curriculum Links
  •  Capacity: ~30 children + adults


Key Stage Three - ages 11-14 (Planet Earth Show)

The dynamic nature of planet Earth; past, present and future. From the formation of our atmosphere and the importance of carbon dioxide, through plate tectonics and the water cycle. This cross-curricular show reveals an evolving planet: its turbulent past and the role we play in its future.

  •  Duration: ~50 mins
  •  Curriculum Links
  •  Capacity: 25-35 students + adults


Key Stage Four - ages 14-16+ (Planet Earth Show)

Our dynamic Planet Earth : from the formation of the Earth and atmosphere, through plate tectonics and the water cycle, to the beginnings and evolution of life by natural selection. An evolving planet: its turbulent past, the biodiversity of the present and the role we are to play in the future.

  •  Duration: ~55 mins
  •  Curriculum Links
  •  Capacity: 25-35 students + adults
Expected outcomes

Scientific Enquiry

We want to stimulate curiosity in science for all, regardless of age, gender, background or ability. Our science shows:

  • Allow for questions to share interests and explore ideas
  • Treat every child as unique, supporting personal development
  • Promote observation, prediction and exploration
  • Encourage imagination, creative and critical thinking
  • Support and enhance the Curriculum across subject areas
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