Physics Research in Schools Programme

Queen Mary University of London

The Physics Research in Schools programme is a great way for students to engage with exciting research projects in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London over a sustained period of time. We run these projects over the first two terms of the academic year. Across all projects we give an introductory talk and workshop and provide all the resources students need to get going. GCSE and A-Level students then spend no more than a few hours a week working on the project, supported by Queen Mary physicists throughout, culminating in their presenting their findings at our student conference Cosmic Con before Easter.

Expected outcomes

Each year's programme culminates in a special student conference 'Cosmic Con' on campus before the Easter break, where each group of students presents their work either as a talk or poster presentation. Prizes are awarded to some of the best presentations of the evening and all attendess receive a letter of thanks for participating in the programme. Family, friends and school staff are all encouraged to attend and the conference is well catered with a variety of local artisan pizzas. 

To book this activity, please contact:
Martin Archer

Queen Mary University Of London
Mile End Road
E1 4NS
United Kingdom

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Grants for school

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