Murderous Maths

Kjartan Poskitt

Kjartan Poskitt is the author of the award-winning Murderous Maths series. He starts the day by performing a big maths show in your hall (up to 75 mins), usually to all of KS2 at once. The show brings maths to life, introducing some ancient “murderous” mathematicians, strange facts and surprises involving shapes and numbers, flexagons, magic squares plus several tricks that kids (and teachers!) can try at home. Thereafter he can also do a shorter visual show for KS1, he can also talk on space, his other books, and take small workshops making flexagons and other tricks. He is also glad to meet teachers after school to offer a few further makes and resources.  Full details and day plans can be seen at his website. Teacher resources and hundreds of features can be found at

A stand-up maths routine has children and teachers in fits of laughter… maths has never been so much fun – Times Educational Supplement.


Expected outcomes

Kids go away seeing maths as something to have fun with. There are also lots of tricks and features that can be followed up in the classroom.  Ideas and resource sheets to print out can be found at  

To book this activity, please contact:
Kjartan Poskitt

- York North Yorkshire

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